Elle vit son rêve… Récit de Tuva Jansen à travers l’Indonésie !

Il y a quelques temps, Tuva nous racontait comment elle pouvait être mère et kiteuse pro ! Aujourd’hui elle partage avec nous son voyage à travers l’Indonésie. Un récit qui nous laisse rêveuse et qui montre qu’enfant, famille et kite ne sont pas incompatibles. Merci Tuva pour ta petite histoire.

Pour ceux qui ont besoin d’une traduction, demandez moi.

Bertrand managed to get away from changing diapers and sleepless nights by saying that he had to go early to Indo this year because he had to make the house ready for the baby and needed to get organized before me and Aya were gone come and the camp started. He sounded like a really nice and responsible daddy so I let him go. But after talking to him mostly everyday on the phone while he was there, I am pretty sure it was just a lame excuse to get a break and spend more time in the water..

So after 1 month in Norway I was finely ready to meet up with him in Bali and get some help with the baby again. I was a bit worried for traveling that far by myself, but it went very well. The flight was a  over night flight, and Aya slept like she would have done at home.  I had ordered a baby basket ( that most bigger plane got for small babies) that I put her down in when she was sleeping. It was perfect, because like this I could manage to sleep as well. ( Having to have her on my lap for 27 hours would have been a lot harder)

When we arrived in Bali I was thankful that it was Indonesia where you can pay people a little bit of money and they help you with the bags, because we got a lot of stuff..Bertrand had also giving me a couple of his boards to bring as well as all mine and Ayas stuff. But when you travel alone with a kid, people are pretty helpful, so bringing a lot of luggage is not that much of a problem. Bertrand met us at the airport and then we traveled together over to our little place on one of the easter island.

I think Aya by now must think she is a super star or something, because being a white baby in Indonesia means that everyone wants to take a photo of you, squeeze your cheeks and carry you. But she got fast used to that, and loves the attation. I guess I was a bit worried in the beginning that she would get easily sick of all the touching from all the people, but after a few days I gave up being worried. She was so happy and I guess her imune system will get pretty strong too..I also think it is healthy for kids to be around a lot of different people ( at least nice for the mummy not having a kid always hanging in your pants)

Being back at our own little place in Indonesia felt so good. Everything we need is just here. We do not have to drive anywhere and it is no stress about things we have to do and people we have to meet like at home in Norway. The surf and kite spot is just in front and the food get served on the terrace. The furthest I have been in 3 months, is 1km away from the house to see some friends and go to the restaurants. I guess that sound like a nightmare for many people, but I love that. Aya has always hated the car, so she is happy about that as well. We got a motorbike here that she loves driving around on, But we have to go slow because the road is full of cows, horses, monkeys, buffelos and wild pigs that comes out on the road and easy pump into.

A lot of people was telling me that it is stupid to travel so far off with that small of a baby ( 6mnd) in case she would get sick or something, but I feel comfortable being here. I guess maybe because we have been coming here for almost 10 years already and we are fine and have seen all the kids that grows up here and are doing great. And if something bad should happen it is just a short flight to Bali. But my opinion is that you can not worry too much. Don´t worry, be happy! But I think it is a must to have a good travel insurance in case of bad luck, because you never know and it takes at least a lot of stress away from me.

Looking at Aya playing here, I wish I had a child hood like Aya will. What is better than just running bare foot around and playing with thousands of other happy kids at the beach or chasing some chickens around. Here it is no time, you eat when you are hungry and go to bed when you are tired. Life is simple. Aya also got a few extra mummies who loves to take care of her when her mummy go surfing or kiting. And she loves being with them, because she always get carried around and played with.

I have always loved Indonesia, but now more than even ever, because when it is no waves or wind, I still got plenty of things to do now. No more sitting around and complaining about shit conditions, a kid for sure keeps you busy.

I have always heard that having a kid will change your life and it for sure does, but you can still keep doing the same things you always did, just maybe not as much and exactly when you want to. But traveling with a baby is not much different from traveling alone when you are used to traveling with so much stuff as we have always done, Aya is just one more thing to bring along.


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