Être mère et kiteuse professionnelle, un mélange gagnant !

Etre maman et kitesurfeuse professionnelle, c’est possible . Tuva Jansen,ancienne championne du monde de kite en 2004, nous montre avec passion et amour que ce mélange est épanouissant. Contrairement aux idées reçues, la naissance d’Aya ne l’a pas bloqué, ils continuent à naviguer et voyager, mais surtout, ils sont plus heureux que jamais. Leur bonheur se ressent à chaque parole.

Texte en anglais mais demandez moi si vous désirez une traduction. Thanks Tuva !

After traveling the world as a professional kiter together with my boyfriend Bertrand Fleury for more than 10 years, we are now planning on traveling the world as a family. 3 months ago we had a little daughter!

After spending most of my pregnancy in Indonesia where I was kiting and surfing to I was close to 5 months ( I was careful and my belly was small), I decided it was time to go back to Norway and wait for the baby to get born when I was 6 months pregnant. I was just so not ready to give birth on a mud floor with some old local lady as my midwife. I felt it was much safer to be closer to a hospital.

So I spend the most amount of time as I have in 11 years in my country and with my family. So when Aya was born in February, we were very ready to get out of there and to go to a warmer place with wind and waves and to get our life back. We thought Maui would be a great place to be with a baby, since it is a safe place and we got lot of friends over there. So Aya’s first travel was when she was 3 weeks old. Many people told me before that it would be way too early to travel and that it would be very tiring with such a small baby on the plane, but I think that as smaller the baby is, as more it sleeps! She slept more or less the whole time, but I still found it pretty tiring, because it is hard to sleep when you got a new born. So much stuff is going through your body and mind.

But when we arrived in Maui I was so happy! So much easier with a baby when you do not have to worry about how much clothes to put on and what you will do if she poop when you are out for a walk and it is -10 outside. Not so good for changing..Here on Maui you got the perfect temperature, it can be too hot in the sun sometimes, but in the shade it is perfect. The life her on Maui is also very relaxing, no stress of retching anything and not too much stuff you have to do and be apart of. When I am in Europe I always get a bit stress out. And for me that was so important in the beginning for not getting too tired. I spend most of the time home for the first 3 weeks, and when she was 6 weeks old, I was aloud from my doctor to go in the water again! So we bought a little tent for wind and sun protection ( We used the kite for that the first day, and we learn fast that a kite is not very sun proof!), and I got to ride for an hour in between while Bertrand was taking care of Aya on the beach. And that felt better than ever!!! Just to be able to get 1 hour brake from feeding and caring and to be in the water, make my days!! I have to say that I was blessed with a perfect pregnancy, so when I went kiting after 6 weeks, I felt more or less normal again. But for sure a lot weaker in my belly muscles and my joint felt a bit loose. So I was only riding the waves or crusing on my twintip, and I am still not feeling strong enough for freestyle yet. Not worth getting hurt, and time goes fast anyway and I am sure I soon will feel more or less like normal again.

But I fast realized that the wind can be a really pain in the ass as well, especially her on Maui when it has been blowing 30 knots for 2 months straight. Not easy to hide from that kind of wind, and not the most fun for a little baby either. So it is no more just “ hanging out” at the beach like before, so that is maybe the biggest change having a little baby. But it will be a lot easier when she gets  bit bigger for sure. On Maui, you also have to spend a lot of time driving, something I never thought about too much before, but after having a baby who is not so found of the car, I have now noticed. But I guess she just have to get used to it, since I guess she will have to do more of that in this world.

We now got only a couple more weeks here, before we are going back to France to visit some grandparents there and then of to Norway to visit my parents there. I am very excited to see the family again, and it has been times when I have been a bit sad, because I have felt that they have missed out on Aya growing so fast, but that is just how it is. We can not have it all. And thank good for Skype!!

Having a baby was something I always new I wanted, but it was hard to find the perfect time for it, because there are so much fun things to do and places to travel, so I was a bit worried (or people were telling me how hard it would be, and made me worried), but having a baby for will change serten things for sure, but it does not have to change your lifestyle. It will change how much you want it to change. My advice to people who wants to keep traveling after having a baby is to stop listening to what people tell you. What makes you happy, will also make your baby happy.

Aya’s next big travel will be in july when me and her or taking the plane alone to Indonesia where we will meet up with Bertrand and spend 4 months at our house on a remote island not far away from Bali…I am so looking forward to that. No more driving around since the spot is just in front and I will have so many local girls to help me with the baby. They love babies, that is maybe why most of them have at least 6 over there!! ( something that I am sure I will not!!)


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